14th International Cocoa Research Conference



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Cocoa Producers' Alliance
National Assembly Complex
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Lagos, Nigeria
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Conference sessions will cover:

  1. Agronomy, Physiology, Soils and Nutrition

  2. Genetics and Breeding

  3. Pests and Diseases

  4. Efficient utilisation of cocoa by-products

  5. Improvement of cocoa consumption through optimal utilisation of the cocoa bean

  6. New and non-traditional uses of cocoa

  7. Extension: Transfer and efficient utilisation of the results from cocoa research

  8. Other aspects of research including Marketing, Quality and Socio-Economics


The 4th INGENIC Workshop and the 4th INCOPED Seminar will be held at the Conference venue on the 20th and 21stof October 2003.

INGENIC 4thWorkshop


‘Cocoa Breeding for Improved Production Systems’


How to develop more efficient cocoa trees that are well adapted to their environment?

Analyses of GxE interactions (sites, planting density, shade conditions, production systems, pruning, soil, rootstocks), of physiological traits, yield efficiency, self-compatibility, dwarfing rootstocks, smaller plant size, efficiency of individual tree selection and of selection of new parental clones, etc.


Abstracts of papers to be sent to the INGENIC Secretariat before 31 July 2003 and full papers to be presented at the Workshop.


Chairman of the National Organising Committee,
Dr. Yaw Adu-Ampomah,
CRIG, c/o Private Mail Bag,
International Airport, Accra, Ghana

Secretariat of INGENIC
Dr. Michelle End
c/o BCCCA, 37-41
Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JH, UK
Fax +44 207 404 9110; Tel: (44) 2076110148

INCOPED 4th International Seminar


‘Dealing with Pressing Crop Protection Problems’

Scope of theme:

Virtually every cocoa producing country has to deal with pressing disease and/or insect pest problems. The level of management achieved is one of the principal factors that determine the degree of sustainability in the cocoa economy, in each country. Advances made in safeguarding against losses in potential crops through management, is a continuous process. Conventional management methods are in greater part directed at sanitary/cultural, chemical, biological and genetic measures. However, at the last count there exist about 117 means of reducing inoculum/infestation or initial disease/ insect pest establishment. In addition to which, methods are being developed for control of specific ‘pests’ (example: rodents).
The theme to be discussed at this INCOPED 4th International Seminar aims to examine recent developments in cocoa crop protection worldwide, thus allow for an interchange of information for the benefit of all.


Abstracts of papers to be sent to the Chairman, National Organising Committee with copy to the Chairman of INCOPED before 30 June 2003; full papers to be presented at the Seminar. Also, please make available at the venue, a hard copy and e-copy (on diskette) for publishing in the Proceedings.


Mr. Andrew AKROFI
Fax:(27) 60 9901
Chairman of INCOPED (Dr. Joao Louis Pereira)
Centro de Pesquisas do Cacau (CEPEC/CEPLAC)
Caixa Postal 7, 45600-970, Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil.
Tel/Fax: 55 73 214 3215
E-mail: pereira@cepec.gov.br

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